Intense Pulse Light (IPL) at the Straith Clinic Medi-Spa located near Detroit

What to Expect

  • Anesthesia – None
  • Length of Treatment – Varies
  • In / Outpatient – Office procedure
  • Duration of Results – Variable, depending on number of treatments and ongoing skin care regimen

IPL photo facial is a light based therapy treatment that uses a multi-wavelength light to remove or diminish sun damage, age spots, acne pigmentation, hyperpigmentation including melasma, vascular irregularities (broken capillaries), and spider veins. This treatment can be done on all parts of the body where there is skin discoloration. The number of treatments needed will vary depending on the patient and the condition of the skin.

The natural aging process and repeated sun exposure can damage our skin over time. Rosacea, acne scars, melasma, facial spider veins, skin tone/clarity, freckles, stretch marks, age spots, winkles, and hyperpigmentation are all sources of concern for a person considering IPL treatment or skin resurfacing.

IPL is performed in the practice of Bingham Farms plastic surgeon Dr. Sabbagh, can improve the appearance and texture of your skin, helping it to appear younger and healthier.

IPL (intense pulse light) is a non-invasive skin renewal treatment that can improve your complexion significantly. We use the state-of-the-art IPL Quadra Q4 Platinum IPL treatment system, which was developed to address the limitations of traditional IPL technology.

Dr. William Sabbagh, is the ultimate professional. I have trusted him on several occasions and I have never been disappointed. I will and have referred him to many friends and relatives. I would never consider another doctor for plastic surgery. He is simply the best.



Using gentle pulses of light, the system removes age spots, unwanted freckles, clears sun damaged skin, and improves superficial fine wrinkles and vascular irregularities. The final result is a more even-toned, youthful appearance. This procedure can be performed on almost every part of the body where there is skin discoloration and on most skin types.

After Your IPL Treatment

IPL has a very short recovery period. If you have little time for recovery and not the time to recover nor the capacity to withstand lasers, IPL – Intense Pulsed Light may be for you. Most patients achieve their desired result in two to four sessions.

Our Quadra Q4 IPL machine emits no UV, UVA, UVB, UVC, IR or FIR light. This means that the intense pulsed light from our skin treatment machines contain less heat. Less heat minimizes the chance of damaging or burning your skin, and significantly reduces any pain or discomfort that you may experience during the IPL treatment.