Xeomin, the New Botulinum Toxin, Could Bring Cheaper Injectable Treatments

In 2010, the FDA gave clearance for XEOMIN, a drug that can treat abnormal neck pain (cervical dystonia) and spasms of the eye.  Made with botulinum toxin type a, XEOMIN has the same active ingredient as the popular Botox® Cosmetic.

XEOMIN recently received FDA clearance for treating frown lines. Some doctors say this could create enough competition in the market to drive down prices on all botulinum toxin injections.

Current treatment prices for Botox range from $9 to $15 per unit, with most patients requiring about 20 units per treatment area.  These prices could drop now that XEOMIN has received cosmetic approval from the FDA. Although XEOMIN isn’t believed to be superior, doctors say it could create more options, more competition and thus, lower prices.

Dermatologists on Modernmedicine.com report:

“Current off-label use hasn’t shown any particular clinical advantage for Xeomin over Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA, Allergan) or Dysport, but the new toxin will broaden clinicians’ aesthetic options and may spur price competition in the U.S. “

With another contender in this already competitive market, consumers may see more rebates and more price breaks from the pharmaceutical companies.

XEOMIN is the 3rd botulinum toxin to receive FDA approval in the U.S. The fourth could be PurTox, a drug by Mentor (popular breast implant manufacturer) that is still being studied.

You can read all the facts on the new website XEOMIN.com.

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