How to Rejuvenate the Neck Area: Surgery or Spa

Whether one is bothered by wrinkles, loose skin, or loss of jaw-line angularity, the neck is a frequently mentioned area of concern. Fortunately, cosmetic surgeons and aestheticians are providing a wide variety of options for neck rejuvenation.

Skin rejuvenation: chemical peels and facials

Wrinkles and crepey skin on the neck are very common. Some are even arguing that consistent texting and web browsing on your cellphone can contribute to these issues. In response, a Manhattan aesthetician recently developed her own facial – just for frequent texters. Known as the “Blackberry facial” a recent blog post from ASAPS describes the treatment:

“That constant looking down posture leads to a scrunched up neck. If you don’t believe me, take a pocket mirror and look at yourself when you’re texting. Joan Czech, an enterprising aesthetician took one look at those creased-up necks and saw a gold mine: wrinkles. She devised the “Blackberry facial” a treatment designed to counter “Blackberry neck,” a wrinkled condition (either real or imaginary) resulting from continually looking down.”

You might choose to combine a neck facial with a laser treatment, light therapy, chemical peel or skin care product regimen, depending on your aesthetician or surgeon’s advice.

Surgical Neck Procedures

A long, narrow neck and a strong jawline are desirable aesthetic traits. But aging or weight fluctuations can hide the neck, jaw and chin – with loose skin or pockets of fat. Depending on which problem you have, a surgeon may recommend neck lift surgery (to address loose neck skin) or lipocontouring of the neck area.

Determining the right procedure will involve an assessment of your skin elasticity, health and medical history.

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