Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Reasons to Think Twice

Medical TourismTo combat the burden of increasing costs, more consumers are seeking out cosmetic surgery abroad – even though most medical experts advise against it.

In recent years, Thailand, Singapore and India have emerged as the most popular medical tourist destinations in the world. The allure of a good deal coupled with an exotic travel destination can be hard to beat for many consumers considering cosmetic enhancement.

Unfortunately, some medical tourists may be waving their right to established health and safety precautions in the process.

“Just like any industry, you are going to have good companies and not so good companies,” says Renée-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association. “The problem is there is no regulation for medical tourism facilitators. There are companies that may put together a network of providers not based on best practices.”

A Few Things to Consider…

Total Cost – Though airfare might be cheaper than having cosmetic surgery in the U.S., you could end up spending more money in the long run. Most travel insurance agencies will not cover elective surgery abroad. This means that if you experience a complication related to surgery, you’ll have to cover the added medical care and lodging costs out-of-pocket.

Surgeon Qualifications – Not all surgeons are created equal. When planning a trip abroad, it can be difficult to determine the type of credentials and training your surgeon will have. It can also be difficult to determine the state of the surgical facility and whether or not it will be accredited. These details are essential to your long term safety – so if you can’t confirm them in advance, it’s best to find a surgeon locally.

Follow-Up Care – The best cosmetic surgeons will personally monitor the progress of their patients during recovery. Follow-up appointments are the best way to ensure proper healing and to answer any lingering questions. If you fly home soon after surgery, you will be forgoing important aftercare processes. If something were to go wrong weeks, months or even years down the road, you’ll either have to fly back or seek the care of someone who did not perform your original surgery.

Cosmetic surgery abroad isn’t always a bad idea, but it’s important to do your research in advance. You should be prepared for almost anything that might come your way during travel, surgery and recovery.

Source: Fox Business

Image: Flickr

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