Guidelines for Great Facelifts in Troy, MI

How can you ensure good results from a facelift?

A good facelift should be subtle, almost undetectable. A facelift in Troy, MI should trigger others to think maybe you’ve lost weight, changed your makeup, or are getting more sleep. If your facelift is too obvious, it means you probably didn’t do enough research into the person performing the surgery.

Many physicians can perform plastic surgery – from dermatologists to ear, nose and throat doctors, yet it is best to choose a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). If you start there, you know that the surgeon has had extensive training specifically in performing cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

What is your expected outcome from plastic surgery?

For most people, it is to find a better version of themselves – to carve out a more youthful appearance that matches how they feel. Rarely is it to alter features in such a way that they are comical or out of proportion to their looks. Yet, unfortunately, that can be the outcome if surgery is left to those less familiar with the procedure.

Like an expert chess player who can see several moves ahead, a skilled plastic surgeon can determine what procedure needs to be performed in order for you to achieve the results you desire.

While many surgeons may use technology that allows you to see computerized before and after images, others educate through experience and explain how the procedure will achieve your goals.

At Straith Clinic , our 70-year history supports the notion that patients desire experience, knowledge and skill, and are less interested in trends and quick-fix procedures. Our surgeons are not there to sell you on any procedure; they listen and guide you based on your desired outcome for a facelift in Troy, MI.

Of course, the cost of cosmetic surgery is always a consideration, and too often a bargain is not a bargain. Being swayed by price is not a good way to determine your surgeon. While everyone wants maximum results from minimal cost and recovery time, cheap and fast never equals skilled and predictable.

Surgery cannot eliminate all flaws, and achieving the desired outcome involves having realistic expectations from the initial consultation. The surgeons at Straith Clinic can help you identify and reach those expectations while maintaining a natural appearance.

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