Refresh Your Appearance After a Long Year

There is so much excitement that comes with a new year – new goals, new opportunities, new experiences, and the unexpected to look forward to! But instead of excitement, can you only think about what another year is going to do to your already creased mouth, the circles under your eyes, definitive wrinkles, and sagging skin around your neck? Don’t wear the stresses of 2016 for another year.

Why should you get a facelift?

Facelifts can get rid of signs of aging that no cream or regimen can tackle. Depending on the area(s) that you want to focus on – eyes, jaw, cheek, neck, nose, brow, mouth, or all of the above – a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sabbagh may suggest a traditional or mini facelift. Neither procedure significantly changes your underlying look. In fact, some doctors may even ask to see a younger picture of you to bring your face back to its natural, youthful look. Most results take back anywhere from 5 to 10 years of aging!

What about scarring?

Where your incisions are made will depend on what part of your face you are focusing on. However, you should expect these to be made behind or in front of your ears, along your hairline, or below your chin. Scarring is typically unnoticeable a year after your surgery and will fade over time. However, some plastic surgeons may offer treatments or plans to help aid and improve the healing process.

Learn more about the different types of facelifts and what to expect during your transformation.

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