Is Plastic Surgery Right for You?

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular and more treatments have been entering the market, allowing for more concerns to be treated. Because plastic surgery is never a requirement, but something you choose to do for yourself, you might be wondering how to tell if it’s right for you. You might choose plastic surgery if you want to achieve one of the following:

A slimmer contour

Plastic surgery is not intended to replace weight loss strategies like diet and exercise, but if you’ve recently lost a lot of weight or had a child, you might be suffering from excess hanging tissue that can only be removed through a surgical procedure. This hanging skin and tissue can weigh you down and discourage your weight loss efforts and healthy habits. With a surgical procedure like a tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, or liposuction, you can remove stubborn fat and excess tissue standing in the way of your toned figure!

A youthful appearance

Our age catches up with all of us eventually, resulting in facial volume loss, sagging, and wrinkles. If you want to restore your youthful appearance with significant improvements, you might benefit from a surgical procedure like the facelift or neck lift. If your signs of aging aren’t severe or you just want to maintain a youthful appearance, you might consider a nonsurgical rejuvenation treatment like Botox or fillers.

Enhanced features

Some patients aren’t satisfied with the natural appearance of their features, or they have experienced changes to their features over time. In this case, you could benefit from plastic surgery to enhance your nose, cheeks, breasts, buttocks, or other feature using the appropriate treatment. Plastic surgery can also help improve your overall symmetry and balance of your body. A certified plastic surgeon can help you decide if plastic surgery is right for you and which procedures you could benefit from. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Sabbagh, contact our office today.

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