Botox and Juvederm Maker to Purchase SkinMedica

  Allergan, a top manufacturer for several anti-aging treatments, has decided to purchase SkinMedica’s line of topical cosmetic skin care products for $350 million. Allergan Chief Executive David E. I. Pyott says that SkinMedica will complement Allergan’s already long list of facial wrinkle treatments including Botox® Cosmetic and Juvederm®. Pyott also added that the acquisition “will enable


Tips for Playing the Age Guessing Game After Cosmetic Enhancement

With the increase in cosmetic enhancement treatments like fraxel laser resurfacing, Botox injections and injectable dermal fillers, it can be near impossible to guess someone’s age these days. So the next time you find yourself a little curious, you’ll have to look beyond traditional signs of aging. According to Dr. Scott Zevon, a plastic surgeon


Modern Family Star Talks Cosmetic Surgery

Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara (aka Gloria) remains one of Hollywood’s sexiest TV stars and like her co-star Julie Bowen, she isn’t afraid to talk about cosmetic enhancement. When recently asked by StyleCaster, the actress had this to say: “Yeah, I would definitely do something. Not something crazy but little things here or there. Hopefully,


South Korea Reigns as Top Male Skincare Capital

According to global market research firm Euromonitor International, South Korea reigns as the male skincare capital of the world. In 2011 alone, South Korean men accounted for nearly 21 percent of global skincare sales, which is the equivalent to approximately $495.5 million. According to Roald Maliangkay, head of Korean studies at Australian National University, effeminate male


Defining Age

Some of believe that age is just a number, but according the Slogan Center for Aging & Work at Boston College, age is actually just a concept.  The Slogan Center has spent several years researching to better understand the impact of an aging population in the workplace. After interviewing employees of all ages, they have


Menopause and Rosacea

Menopause can bring on many new changes, not only to your body, but to your skin. Many women going through menopause experience hot flashes – a sudden feeling of warmth that can cause your face to redden and increase sweat production (which in the end can leave you feeling chilled). Hot flashes are not only


New Study: Botox as an Acne Treatment

Botox has been an extremely popular anti-aging treatment for over 10 years. However, what most people don’t realize is that indications for Botox stretch far beyond fine lines and wrinkle treatment. Botox has been approved to treat urinary incontinence (overactive bladder), muscle spasms, excess sweating and more.  According to Anil Shah, a plastic surgeon in


Tyra Banks Talks Plastic Surgey

Tyra Banks isn’t afraid to express how she feels about the beauty industry. Believe it or not, Banks admits to being bullied for her looks as a young girl. “I was very much teased as a kid for my forehead, and even on the internet,” Banks shared. When recently asked her opinion about plastic surgery,


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