New Topical Botox Drug Shows Promising Results

In a recent study of 270 patients undergoing treatment with an experimental topical botulinum toxin, 89 percent of subjects showed a statistically significant improvement in their crows feet.

topical botox drugThe possibility of a topical Botulinum toxin product entering the already competitive non-invasive procedure market is exciting. The gel under investigation is currently called RT001, and it’s being tested as a crow’s feet remedy. According to Revance therapeutics, the drug has the potential to triple the market.

“Many patients want the benefits injectable products offer but shy away from needles,” said study author Michael Kane, M.D. A topical botulinum toxin may be the answer. “This unique, painless product could greatly expand the patient population for wrinkle reduction by offering a highly effective treatment option,” says Dr. Kane. RT001 is currently in clinical trials and has not received clearance from the U.S. FDA.

How the Topical Botulinum Toxin Works

RT001 reportedly works by penetrating the skin, which relaxes the underlying muscles. Other topical skin treatments do not work in this manner; they don’t affect the muscles. The physician applies RT001 gel and then cleanses the face with a proprietary technique.

Don’t expect to find this at the cosmetics counter. If approved, patients will only be able to undergo the procedure at a physician’s office,” said Dr. Kane, a clinical investigator for the drug. He says that more than 500 subjects have received treatment (in 11 clinical trials) and they showed successful results that last about four months. The trials are in the second phase of three necessary phases that come before the drug can receive clearance to enter the market.


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