Liposuction in Novi

When Suction Assisted Lipectomy emerged in the early 1980s, it was revolutionary. As people realized that fat could be removed by suction, the phenomenon quickly became an acceptable surgical technique to remove unwanted fat deposits around the hips, flanks, inner thighs and upper body. It helped target places that, no matter how much diet and exercise you put forth, you just can’t remove the fat.

With further refined the instruments, improved surgical techniques and devices, and today, liposuction in Novi, MI is an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure.

Drawing on its popularity, surgeons from many different specialties now perform procedures to remove fat. But here’s the question to ask. Would you feel more comfortable with a surgeon who has extensive training in all aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery? Of course you would.

Today, Suction Assisted Lipectomy has evolved to include both surgical and non-surgical procedures using varying devices. The news is saturated with names like Smart Lipo, liposuction laser, Cellulaze, Cool Sculpting, Vaser Liposuction, Lipdissolve, Lipo Sculpture, Tumescent Liposuction, Vela Shape, SmartXide, Zerona, Liposonic, Slim Lipo, Body Wrap, Lipotherme, Velasmooth, Ultra Shape and more. How is a patient to decide which procedure is right for them?

If the technique is invasive, it takes training and experience to achieve good results. Be sure you know whether you are one of the first to experience a new technique. Typically, a surgeon becomes comfortable with one or two methods and will seldom deviate. This may be safer and provide more predictable results for their patients. A plastic surgeon should be able to advise the prospective patient the pros and cons of each method.

Patients are most interested in procedures that claim to have the quickest recovery time and least associated pain. Who wouldn’t? Yet clever names, claims of “the latest and greatest,” and costs too good to be true, are usually just that.

Patients should visit several surgeons who have performed the procedure or technique being contemplated before proceeding with surgery. A board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Sabbagh will assist patients with procedure selection to ensure good outcomes. Although it might feel like daunting task, it is well worth it. Liposuction in Novi can be performed on the right patient by the right surgeon can provide lasting, attractive and life-changing results.

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