When you visit Straith Clinic for plastic surgery in Bingham Farms, you can expect knowledgeable, skilled and thoughtful care from Dr. Sabbagh and our staff.

An Experienced Staff to Support our Medical Staff

The Straith Clinic employs over twenty support staff, many of them with more than ten years of employment at our Metropolitan Detroit cosmetic surgery center. Our nurse anesthetists have worked with us for more than twenty years, and specialize in office-based anesthesia for plastic surgical procedures. They have provided over 15,000 IV sedation anesthetics for office –based surgeries, therefore, you experience a high level of comfort and safety. Our operating room is staffed with registered nurses and our entire staff is dedicated to providing high quality care. We train our medical and office staff to anticipate your needs. “The Clinic runs efficiently because everyone knows his/her role. That allows for a smoother, more enjoyable patient experience” says Dr. William Sabbagh. You will see your plastic surgeon twice before your surgery and for your post-operate visits. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with high quality care. Built upon a tradition of excellence, the Straith Clinic combines experience, top hospitals, board certification, affordable cosmetic surgery costs, experienced office staff, and a premier AAAHC accredited facility to provide superior patient care. Before choosing us, we invite you to investigate our plastic surgeon, facility, fees and the results of our cosmetic surgery procedures for yourself. Just arrange a free confidential visit to our facility and meet with our plastic surgeon.

Special Recognition

Straith Clinic received special recognition for risk management practices. The American Physicians Assurance Corporation, a leading provider of medical insurance in the Midwest, announced: “Straith Clinic was recognized for their well-developed quality improvement, infection control and safety management plans, as well as effective peer review and a good patient satisfaction system.” Entries were judged based on how effectively the practices use key risk management systems; their use of examples to illustrate the importance of these systems; additional systems that have been successfully implemented; and the staff’s education and awareness of the importance of risk management. The Straith Clinic’s history and tradition continues today as part of that extra measure of confidence you want in your health care services. It’s one more way for us to say that “We care about you.”

Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Closed on Friday. We are closed for lunch between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm.