How to Get Rid of Gynecomastia?

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While Gynecomastia is not a harmful or dangerous medical condition, it can make one feel incredibly self-conscious. Gynecomastia can be caused by a variety of factors and in most cases the treatment results are long-lasting. If you are bothered by the presence of gynecomastia and re in good health, you may want to consider scheduling


Revision Rhinoplasty

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If you’ve had a rhinoplasty that gave you less than satisfying results, you’re probably feeling frustrated and disappointed and might be hesitant to undergo another procedure. However, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon in Bingham Farms like Dr. Sabbagh can improve poor results of a previous rhinoplasty to enhance the appearance and function, even with the


Body Contouring to Complete Your Weight Loss Journey

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Going through a dramatic weight loss has life-changing benefits, leading to improved physical and mental health. Unfortunately, weight loss often leaves behind loose, sagging skin that is impossible to get rid of naturally. If you’ve undergone a dramatic weight loss, you might consider completing your transformation with a body contouring procedure to help you achieve


Why are Millennials Choosing Botox and Fillers

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With the rise in social media and the ability to share photos with anyone at any time, women are more aware than ever of the way they look! Because of this, the Selfie Generation has begun turning to treatments such as Botox and fillers at a younger age for facial rejuvenation. What is Botox? Botox


Tips for a Healthy Breast Augmentation Recovery

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A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that can give you the breast size and contour you’ve always wanted! With any surgery, you must consider recovery time and take the proper steps to help your body heal. Along with your surgeon’s after-care instructions, here are four tips for a healthy, speedy recovery following your breast


Nonsurgical Procedures for Younger Looking Skin

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Part of the natural aging process is the development of lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other facial blemishes. When it comes to achieving younger looking skin, there are many treatment options with no surgery required! Find out which procedure is right for you to treat common signs of aging. Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion near Birmingham might be


Combining Breast Implants and a Lift

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When you decide to have a breast augmentation with implants, there are a lot of other important decisions that follow. One of those decisions is whether or not you should combine a breast lift with implants. Keep reading to learn more about your options and what decisions you’ll be making along the way. Types of


How Long do Breast Implants Last?

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A breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that can enhance your breasts for improved volume, shape, and symmetry. What many women want to know before and after their procedure is how long their implants will last. We will look at the lifespan of breast implants and when it might be time for a replacement


What to Expect from a Tummy Tuck Procedure

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Loose skin in the abdominal area can make it difficult to wear the clothes you want or feel comfortable showing your body. Both men and women may choose to have a tummy tuck procedure for a flatter abdominal area and a boost in self-confidence! Understanding the procedure process and what it can do for you


Dermal Filler Basics

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Repeated facial expressions like smiling, laughing, frowning, or even sleeping can cause facial lines and wrinkles as you age. Fillers can fill in these lines to reduce their appearance and take years off your face! The Benefits of Choosing Fillers Like other injectables, fillers can reduce wrinkles and lines in the face. Dermal fillers, unlike


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