Guidelines for Great Facelifts in Troy, MI

How can you ensure good results from a facelift? A good facelift should be subtle, almost undetectable. A facelift in Troy, MI should trigger others to think maybe you’ve lost weight, changed your makeup, or are getting more sleep. If your facelift is too obvious, it means you probably didn’t do enough research into the


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Our busy season is quickly approaching and we are starting to fill our appointments at a fast rate! Book your appointment as soon as possible to ensure ample time for your procedure. Universally, this is an ideal time of the year to undergo many types of cosmetic surgery, from a facelift to liposuction. Cooler weather


What to Consider When Comparing Plastic Surgeon Costs

Surprising to most, the cost of cosmetic procedures can vary widely. Costs tend to be higher on the East and West Coasts, when procedures are performed in hospitals verses accredited surgical outpatient facilities, and when performed under general anesthesia verses twilight anesthesia. So, what are the going rates? How can you safely save money? When


Comparing Costs of Cosmetic Surgery

Today, patients are able to compare cosmetic surgery costs between surgeons like no other health care related service. Like other non-medical purchases, the quality and service must be considered when making a cosmetic surgery decision.

Are Skin Care Products Safe During Pregnancy?

So you’ve got a baby coming, and you don’t want to lose ground with your skin care routine. While some women can look fabulous through pregnancy, others are more affected by the hormonal changes. They notice dark spots, acne or varicose veins appearing. These are common concerns that you should discuss with your dermatologist, midwife,


Emotions More Difficult to Judge in Older Adults

Negative emotions like “sad” or “angry” have been stereotypically applied to the elderly for years. But a new study suggests that older people don’t actually exhibit higher degrees of sadness or anger when compared to other age groups – we just assume they do because of their wrinkles. Researchers at Penn State University had study


Treating Facial Flushing With IPL Therapy

Are you suffering with symptoms of rosacea? You’re not alone. More than 14 million American have rosacea according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes redness around the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. Some of the most common symptoms of rosacea include: A flushed, red face Visible


Plastic After Weight Loss: What are my options?

What to do about loose skin. Weight loss is a big achievement. Maybe your friends, family and coworkers have supported you and now you’re on your way to a healthier lifestyle. But, for many people who lose weight, there’s one more supporting member in your weight loss journey: a plastic surgeon. Many people who lose


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