Arm Lift

Arm reduction is performed for the removal of excess skin and fat of the upper arm. A long strip of skin and fat is excised in the inner arm. The scar is visible and will be hidden only when the arm is against the body.

Fat Transfer

This procedure will remove a patient’s own fat to re-implant it where needed. It is typically extracted from the abdomen, thighs, or flanks, and injected into the areas requiring improvement.


Liposuction is performed to remove fatty deposits without conspicuous scars. The purpose of this operation is to improve and normalize body contours. Nearly all areas of the body, with certain exceptions, can be treated.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is performed to correct sagging skin and fat of the inner thighs. An incision in the groin crease is used to excise the redundant skin and fat. This excision could extend all the way around the leg, pulling up three to four inches of thigh skin and fat, thus reducing the sagging and possibly improving the “cellulite” and/or bubbling appearance of the skin of the upper thigh.

Tummy Tuck

After a tummy tuck performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Sabbagh, your midsection will appear slimmer and more taut. Oftentimes, patients feel much more comfortable showing off their midsections, even in swimwear.

Body Contouring

Whether achieved through bariatric surgery or diet, massive weight loss often results in areas of loose, excess skin. Procedures for body contouring near Detroit such as Tummy Tuck, Arm lift, Thigh Lift, Breast Lift and Augmentation may be a good option to remove the excess skin on different areas of the body and allow patients to fully enjoy their new look.