Tyra Banks Talks Plastic Surgey

Tyra Banks isn’t afraid to express how she feels about the beauty industry.

Believe it or not, Banks admits to being bullied for her looks as a young girl.

“I was very much teased as a kid for my forehead, and even on the internet,” Banks shared.

When recently asked her opinion about plastic surgery, an oftentimes controversial subject in the Hollywood scene, the host of “America’s Next Top Model” said she thinks it’s “absolutely fantastic” but not necessarily the right choice for everyone.

The former model went on to say “I hate when models say ‘Oh, plastic surgery is just a wrong thing.'”

“What’re you talking about? You won the genetic lottery,” she went on. “You look like this specimen that’s making people everywhere feel insecure and you’re going to ridicule someone for getting plastic surgery?”

So is Banks planning to go under the knife?

While she’s certainly open to the idea of cosmetic enhancement, Banks hasn’t admitted to any recent surgeries, though she anticipates there may come a time in the future.

“I’m very lucky,” Banks said. “Black people and Asian people have similar (strong) skin… But if one day I have wrinkles and I don’t like it, I don’t know if I’ll cut myself but maybe… a little Botox, fillers?

Other celebrities who have admitted to being open to plastic surgery

Though plastic surgery is often a very hush-hush topic in Hollywood, some other stars have admitted to being open to the idea of plastic surgery including:

  • Diane Keaton
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Jennifer Lopez

Source: Yahoo Singapore

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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