Botox® Cosmetic – Personally injected by Dr. Sabbagh

Botox® Cosmetic is a purified toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botox® Cosmetic, in extremely small doses, is injected directly (non-surgical) into the specific muscles that cause frown lines, forehead crease, and wrinkles near outside corner of the eyes (crows’ feet). These isolated muscles are relaxed by the Botox® Cosmetic and can no longer contract. At the Straith Clinic, Botox® Cosmetic injections are performed by Dr. Sabbagh, our board-certified Plastic Surgeon (ASPS).

Within days there’s a noticeable improvement of the lines in the areas injected. The result may vary. Although the results are visible, Botox® Cosmetic will not radically change your facial appearance.

What Does Botox® Treat?

Botox® Cosmetic is used to treat frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet and excessive sweating. For anti-aging, the lines and wrinkles that can be treated are “dynamic” which means that they move with expression and form from repetitive movement. In recent years, there has been research showing that Botox injections have been FDA-approved for the treatment of migraines. Botox for headaches is just another practical application for this injectable solution.

What to Expect During Botox®

  • Anesthesia – None. There is also no need for a topical numbing agent as the injections is quite fast and is performed with a super fine needle.
  • Length of Surgery – The average time for Botox injections is 15 minutes. Injectables & fillers, in general, do not take long to inject, the bulk of the time is used to consult the patient on placement.
  • In / Outpatient – Cosmetic injectable treatments are performed as in-office procedures.
  • Duration of Results – Results vary from patient to patient. Facial Botox lasts three to six months. While uses for Botox such as underarm sweat, Botox lasts several months to a year.

You should notice results within a few days to a week. With the final result, there’s a noticeable improvement of the lines and fine wrinkles in the areas injected. The result may vary from patient to patient. Although the results are visible, Botox® Cosmetic will not radically change your facial appearance.

For Anti-Aging

Many patients that come into our office feel that their droopy brows, bunny lines, and horizontal wrinkles make them appear older or angrier than they are. Botox can easily provide a smoother forehead and reduce fine lines and wrinkles in areas where dynamic movement has caused the

For Excessive Sweating

When topical antiperspirant medicines are not strong enough to prevent underarm sweating, Botox® Cosmetic may be the next best option. Botox® Cosmetic injections are used to temporarily stop the production of excessive sweat in the treated areas. When this happens, the sweat will continue to be produced in other places.

So where exactly does this sweat go?

Naturally, your sweat doesn’t go anywhere or get backed up because the sweat is not produced in the areas where the Botox® Cosmetic was injected. Just like normal, the untreated areas of your body is free to produce sweat!

How much does Botox cost?

Cosmetic injectable treatments are more affordable options for facial rejuvenation in comparison to more invasive methods. Depending on your concerns, Botox injections can enhance your own youthful beauty in a non-invasive way. Prices are typically measured by unit or CC and vary by practice and how much you need to achieve a natural result. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Sabbagh to learn more about how much you may need and the approximate cost.

Am I a good candidate for Botox?

Most patients in good general health are candidates for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation methods. Botox for men, or Brotox, is just as effective in preventing wrinkles in men as it is in women.  Men can also experience a younger and more youthful complexion with Botox injections. Botox can be used preventively as well to stop the repetitive movement that will eventually lead to lines and wrinkles in some people that make certain expressions often. If you’re interested in other procedures that are minimally invasive like Botox, learn more about our other non–cosmetic treatments.

Frequently asked questions about Botox

Does Botox leave scars?

No. Botox is only an injection and the injection sites become hard to notice within just a few hours. The same goes for other dermal fillers or any facial filler, even if there is some swelling the injection site redness or swelling will not be evident as time goes on.

What are the risks of Botox treatments?

There is minimal risk to receiving nonsurgical facial rejuvenation methods. However, if you are wary of any reaction it is important to discuss it with Dr. Sabbagh during your consultation. While it is rare, some patients can experience a drooping eyelid/brow if the Botox is injected incorrectly or if it is accidentally manipulated after the procedure (pressure or rubbing on the treatment site).

Which type of Botox is best for me?

Botox is a brand of botulism toxin type a. There are other brands of this injectable on the market; however, the brand Botox has been on the market the longest with approval by the FDA for treating lines and wrinkles.

What can I expect from Botox?

When you get Botox injections you may find that it reverses the signs of aging by preventing the repetitive movements that cause lines and wrinkles to the upper face. While Botox is an injectable it should not be confused with dermal fillers that restore volume. Another misconception is that it can help with sagging eyelids, loose face and neck and skin elasticity in general. Botox cannot address loose skin since it's active ingredients address muscle movement and not the skin. However, with less repetitive movement from expressions, Botox may be able to give the illusion of smooth skin.

How long does Botox injectable last?

Botox is indicated to last up to three months; however, many patients report that it lasts 6 months or more. The lasting power can be affected by a few factors such as age, lifestyle, and habits. Injectable treatments can improve the appearance of facial wrinkles and folds but in order to have more consistent improvement maintenance treatments may be necessary.

What downtime can I expect with Botox?

After Botox injections, you can resume most daily activities. However, Dr. Sabbagh and Dr. Baca recommend that you don't participate in strenuous exercise within the next 24 hours. Also, it important to keep your head upright for the following 3-4 hours while the Botox settles.

What body areas can be treated by Botox injectables?

For facial lines and wrinkles, Botox can be used to treat:nnThe foreheadnBetween the browsnCrow's feetnnThese areas can be treated with Botox injections since they exist on the dynamic expression lines of the face. Muscle spasms can also be treated with Botox, the injection will relax the muscle so that movement is reduced therefore preventing spasms.

How often can I get Botox treatment?

Injectors prefer to not inject into the same area on a patient sooner than three months. If you choose to inject a different area within that time frame you may do that.

Do Botox injections hurt?

Typically, Botox injections do not hurt. You may feel a quick pinch when the needle goes into the skin but overall, they are rather painless. Botox injections use a super-fine needle that makes the process much more comfortable. Botox does not contain lidocaine (a numbing agent) like a hyaluronic acid filler or other injectable dermal fillers.

Are there any side effects from Botox dermal fillers?

Botox or fillers for the face can cause some redness and swelling but any other side effects are rare. If have any concerns about reactions or side effects, feel free to discuss any concerns during your consultations with Dr. Sabbagh or Dr. Baca.


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