What is miraDry?

miraDry is the only noninvasive, FDA-cleared treatment that treats hyperhidrosis of the armpits or excessive sweating. During the treatment, you will sit in a reclined position. Your provider will then mark the customized treatment area. Your underarms will be numbed to help ensure a comfortable treatment experience. Then, the special miraDry handpiece will be used to treat the underarm area. At our office, we have the latest miraDry model, so patients only need to undergo 1-2 treatments to eliminate excessive sweating!

Who is a Candidate?

Individuals who are bothered by excessive underarm sweat, tired of seeing underarm stains on their shirts, and are seeking a natural, toxin-free lifestyle can often benefit from miraDry. However, a consultation is needed to help determine if this treatment is right for you.

How does miraDry Work?

After your underarm area has been numbed and is ready for treatment, your clinician will place the miraDry handpiece directly on the skin. Then, you will feel a slight suction as the skin glands are brought closer to the surface. miraWave™ energy is then delivered and the sweat glands are destroyed. Controlled cooling is applied to the treatment area the entire time to ensure your comfort.

Is there Downtime?

Downtime from miraDry is minimal to none, which makes this a great treatment option for those on the go. Most patients can return to regular activities, including work, immediately after treatment. Exercise and vigorous activity can be resumed within several days.

Contact Us

If you are tired of living with hyperhidrosis, contact our office today to schedule a miraDry consultation! We will work with you to ensure long-lasting results for a more comfortable you.