Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation in Novi

Some of my patients have requested information on breast enlargement using their own fat obtained from the abdomen or other areas. Techniques developed at this point limits its use to patients who cannot use or do not want saline or silicone implants and to small breast size increases only (an average of only ½ cup size).

Additional procedures are usually necessary to further increase the size for fat transfer breast augmentation in Novi. This also significantly increases the cost. Some of the adverse side effects of fat grafting include infection, resorption of fat, and cyst development. Plastic surgeons currently using this technique are working diligently on developing better techniques and hopefully, in the near future it will become a mainstream procedure.

Breast augmentation using saline or silicone implants in Novi has been safely used for over 50 years. Satisfaction level is high and adverse side effects are minimal. The known safety record and outcomes using implants make it a much more effective form of breast enlargement. That is not to say that fat grafting does not have a place in the cosmetic surgery field and I use the technique on other areas often.

Currently, fat grafting is used consistently for replacing fat loss in the face caused by aging. Typically it is used in the cheeks, around the mouth and under the eyes which can restore a youthful appearance. Using the patient’s natural fat has the advantage of being able to not be limited to a certain volume as with manufactured fillers. Other than using a person’s own fat, manufactured fillers such as Juvederm, Voulma and many others, are considered non- surgical procedures. They have the advantage of great ease and some are reversible.

When thinking about breast size patients should be well aware of the research and results of using their own fat. For small breast size increases it may prove beneficial. For most, it is a long way from replacing the silicone or saline implant from the main stream procedures for plastic surgeons and their patients.

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