Straith Clinic Among 10 Fascinating Plastic Surgery Facts

When people think of plastic surgery, most think about unnecessary alterations or “botched” procedures, which shines the artistry in a poor light. However, there are many things that individuals in Bingham Farms, MI, do not know about plastic surgery, especially the history.

In a recent web article from List Verse, it discusses 10 interesting, unknown plastic surgery facts, including how the name “plastic surgery” has nothing to do with plastic!

The history of the Straith Clinic is included at #7 on the list, explaining why it is one of the nation’s leading plastic surgery centers for 70 consecutive years. Although most of this history can be found on our website, the reason why it started can be found on the List Verse article as well.

The Straith Clinic was founded by a pioneer practitioner, Claire L. Straith, DDS, MD, who began his work shortly after World War I. He was part of a small group of physicians that thought of surgical techniques to treat injured war veterans. This small group of physicians evolved into the popular and acclaimed American Society of Plastic Surgeons today.

Over the decades, the Straith Clinic continuously provides patients of cosmetic excellence and a reputation built on a high standard of patient care. Specializing in cosmetic procedures, including breast augmentation, facial restoration and more, and a skilled staff at the non-surgical Medi-Spa, the Straith Clinic is patient’s one-stop-shop for all their aesthetic concerns.

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To read the full article, including Straith Clinic’s history and 9 other interesting plastic surgery facts, visit List Verse’s website today.

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