What To Know About A Rhinoplasty

What is Rhinoplasty?

Commonly known as a nose job, Rhinoplasty is a procedure that improves the appearance and functionality of the nose. During your consultation, a careful examination of the external and internal nasal structures will be performed.  After discussing the findings with the patient the patient’s expectations will be discussed and a realistic description of the possible results will be discussed.

How is a Rhinoplasty Performed

There are two types of rhinoplasty, open and closed.  The closed approach involves incisions on the inside of the nose and is more limited in the changes that can be made. The open approach has an incision in the columella which connects with the internal incisions.  This allows much more visualization of all parts of the nose and is much more accurate and allows for more ability to improve the appearance of the nose and correct any structural blockages to breathing.

Generally, all parts of the nose need to be manipulated to some extent to achieve the best, most natural result.  Typically patients may require a bump to be removed from the bridge of the nose, the tip to be narrowed and refined and also a slight shortening of the nose.  If the nostrils need to be narrowed this can also be done.  At the same time if there is a deviated septum a septoplasty can be performed as well as other techniques to improve the breathing.

What Can I Expect On the Day of my Surgery and Postoperatively?

The surgery can be performed at the Straith Clinic in one of their accredited operating rooms.  It is performed with IV sedation so the patient is sleeping comfortably throughout the surgery, which will take approximately two hours, and then after a short recovery where postoperative instruction and care of the nose are discussed the patient goes home.  An external and internal splint will be worn for one week.  The nose is not packed after surgery.

The first postoperative visit is at one week when the splints and sutures are removed.  The bruising around the eyes will generally resolve by two weeks.  Normal activity including can be resumed after two weeks.  Postoperatively the patient will be seen intermittently for up to one year when the final result is seen.

Who is a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

The ideal candidate for rhinoplasty should be done growing. Patients who are still growing but who understand the risks, and have obtained parental consent may still be candidates for the procedure. Generally, the procedure is not recommended for girls under 15 years old, or for boys under 17 years of age.

Candidates for Rhinoplasty should be in good overall health. Ideally, candidates should also be non-smokers, as poor circulation due to smoking may facilitate tissue damage.

Why Wait?

If you’re in the metro Detroit area of Michigan and are considering rhinoplasty in order to enhance your appearance or improve your breathing, be sure to consult the qualified and experienced surgeons at Straith Clinic in Bingham Farms. Doctors William Sabbagh and Marissa Baca stand ready to answer all your questions and guide you through this safe and relatively simple process.

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