Comparing Costs of Cosmetic Surgery

Today, patients are able to compare cosmetic surgery costs between surgeons like no other health care related service. Like other non-medical purchases, the quality and service must be considered when making a cosmetic surgery decision.

It is not advisable to base the selection of the surgeon on cost alone. Surgeons may choose techniques that may be less invasive, and therefore not as lasting.

With that said, now let’s look at what to consider when “shopping” for cosmetic surgery:

  • Cost of the procedure: Be absolutely clear what procedure the surgeon plans to perform and the charge. Write it down and investigate it.
  • Where is the surgery going to be performed? Treatment room? Office Operating Room? Hospital? Cost will be higher with the later.
  • If it is in an office operating room, it is accredited and by who? Investigate the accreditation.
  • It is appropriate to have a tummy tuck performed in an office treatment room? Probably not.
  • Tummy tucks as with most cosmetic procedures, can be safely performed in an accredited office surgical suite. However for certain patients a hospital setting may be required.
  • What type of anesthesia is appropriate for your procedure? Local only, Local with IV sedation? Or general anesthesia. Cost will be different. Certain minor face lift can be performed under local anesthesia only; however, the pain associated with the administration of it is significant.
  • What other fees will be associated with the procedure? History and Physical? Pre/Post operative office visits? “before” and “after” photographs?
  • What other services are included? Are advance postoperative massages includes?

As you can see, it is difficult to address all these costs over the phone, let alone compare them between surgeons. The best advice is to visit several surgeons and discuss each point in person. When you see “specials” or “two for one”, be prepared to understand the cost in detail.

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