An abdominoplasty is a very popular procedure at the Straith Clinic.  Also known as a tummy tuck, this procedure is performed to remove excess abdominal skin and to tighten the muscles.  Most commonly, women who have had children and/or have stretch marks are those who choose to have a tummy tuck.  However, recently, because of the increase in the popularity of weight loss procedures, a new population of patients who have had massive weight loss are requiring skin removal. Patients travel from West Bloomfield, Dearborn and Detroit for a tummy tuck by plastic surgeon Dr. Sabbagh. After a tummy tuck surgery, your midsection will appear slimmer and tauter. Oftentimes, patients feel much more comfortable showing off their midsections, even in swimwear.


Traditional Tummy Tuck vs. No Drain Tummy Tuck


Traditionally, the abdominoplasty involves elevation of the abdominal skin off of the muscles, which are then tightened. The skin is pulled down, and the extra skin is removed. And at this point, drains are placed between the skin layer and the muscle layer to collect fluid which occurs from swelling.  This technique results in tension on the incision which may increase scar formation. A new technique, which is called the” Progressive Tension Sutures” has eliminated the necessity for drains after an abdominoplasty. This technique involves the elevation of skin and muscle tightening.  At this time, the skin is slowly advanced downwards and sutured back to the muscle covering which closes off the space that was created by elevating the skin. This also fixes the flaps into position and distributes the tension over the entire abdomen, rather than at the lower abdominal incision. Not only does this eliminate the need for drains, it diminishes tension on the incision which can minimize scarring. Patients are generally much happier with this procedure because they do not have to deal with the drain tubes, which generally will be in place for one to two weeks and can become fairly uncomfortable. The no-drain technique also diminishes the likelihood of a postoperative seroma, by eliminating the space where the fluid can collect.

Who is a Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Individuals can develop a loose or sagging abdomen due to many factors, including aging, pregnancy, prior surgery, and fluctuations in weight. If you are unhappy with your protruding or sagging abdomen, a tummy tuck may be able to benefit you. Those who are at a weight plateau and have realistic expectations are often happiest with their results. It is important that patients do not smoke prior to or after their procedure, as it can cause complications.

What to Expect

  • Anesthesia – Usually local with IV sedation. General anesthesia is used if surgery is performed in a hospital setting
  • Length of Surgery – 2 to 3 hours
  • In/Outpatient – A tummy tuck is generally an outpatient procedure in our accredited on-site surgery center. In-patient may be required for certain patients.
  • Recovery – Generally, full social and employment activities can be resumed approximately two to three weeks after surgery.  Strenuous exercise and activities such as sports are restricted for approximately six weeks and may be increased gradually every day.  The healing process and your occupation may cause the length of time to vary.
  • Fading of Scars – Several months to one year
  • Duration of Results – Results may last several years, but gravity, aging, and weight changes may affect the result. Results vary.

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Procedure Performed by Dr. Sabbagh

The Procedure

For the surgery, an incision is made within an area hidden by a bikini type swimsuit. The excess skin and fat of the lower abdomen are excised and the muscle tightened. The operation includes repositioning the navel to its previous position. Any weakness of the abdominal wall will be repaired at the same time.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

Generally, after an abdominoplasty, with or without drains, the patient is fairly sedentary for the first week. After the first week of tummy tuck recovery, most patients can resume normal light activities. Some patients are able to resume light work and also driving short distances.

5-stars-rating-ping Having my surgeries were the best decision of my life. I feel great about myself everyday. Dr Sabbagh is the best doctor and I highly recommend him. Thank you.


What are the Risks?

No surgical procedure is risk-free and that includes cosmetic surgery like arm lift surgery. During your consultation with Dr. Sabbagh, he will review the risks so you can make an educated decision.

Frequently asked questions about tummy tuck surgery