The lower body lift is a specialized body contouring procedure that can be beneficial for many men and women in Dearborn, West Bloomfield, and the metro Detroit areas. Weight fluctuations, childbirth, gravity, and natural aging can all cause the skin to stretch over time, leading to loose skin and loss of definition in the abdomen, thighs, back, and buttocks. Board-certified plastic surgeons Drs. Baca and Sabbagh can address all of these areas with the innovative lower body lift procedure.

Lower Body Lift

The lower body lift is a plastic surgery procedure that tightens loose skin and removes excess or sagging skin to contour the entire lower body and enhance patients’ body contours. Essentially, the procedures of tummy tuck, lateral thigh lift, and buttock lift are combined in this surgery to effectively address the entire lower body – front and back. The abdominal muscles are tightened to strengthen the core and create a more toned appearance. Liposuction can also be included in the lower body lift to eliminate excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise and further refine the body contour.

The lower body lift can sometimes be combined with upper body or breast procedures for patients seeking full-body weight loss contouring.  In other situations, upper body procedures are best spaced out at a separate procedure.  A unique plan will be created for you at your consultation.

What to Expect

  • Anesthesia – Typically local with IV sedation
  • Length of Surgery – 3-6 hours, depending on the number of treatment areas
  • In/Out Patient – Outpatient at our accredited on-site surgical center
  • Recovery – Strenuous exercise should be avoided for 4-6 weeks but most patients can return to non-physically strenuous work within 2 weeks.
  • Fading of Scars – one to two years
  • Duration of Results – Results will last many years but may be affected by aging, gravity, and weight fluctuations

Who is a Good Candidate?

The best candidates for a lower body lift are healthy adults who have experienced significant weight loss and are bothered by sagging skin and stubborn fat on the abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and outer thighs. Patients should be in overall good health and non-smokers. At your consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Baca and Dr. Sabbagh, your medical history will be discussed in detail to determine whether the lower body lift is right for you.

The Procedure

The lower body lift can be performed under local IV sedation at our on-site surgical center or under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. Both of these options can be discussed at your consultation and your plastic surgeon will help you determine the best choice for your procedure. During lower body lift surgery, incisions will be made along the bikini line following along to the crease of the upper buttocks and back around to the other side.  Scars are kep low so that they can be easily concealed. The underlying tissues and muscles will be tightened and the skin will be carefully pulled to create a naturally tightened appearance that shows off your underlying contours.

Lower Body Lift Recovery

Swelling, bruising, and soreness are common after lower body lift surgery, but slowly improve over the first 1-2 weeks. Prescription pain medication will be provided to ease your discomfort. Patients will be instructed on compression garment use to help with swelling.

Most patients can return to non-physically strenuous work in 2 weeks but more strenuous activities should be avoided for 4-6 weeks. Significant improvements can be seen immediately after surgery, but it can take up to one year for complete results to develop.

What Are the Risks?

Although no cosmetic surgery procedure is risk-free, our board-certified plastic surgeons are committed to patient safety. They have extensive experience performing body contouring procedures like the lower body lift and all surgeries are done in our accredited surgery center. At your consultation, potential risks will be discussed so that you can make an educated decision.

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With an established track record of over 80 years, an accredited facility, and thousands of satisfied patients throughout Dearborn, metro Detroit, Michigan and the U.S., the Straith Clinic has earned an excellent reputation for cosmetic surgery of thef ace and body. To learn more about the lower body lift and how you can benefit, we encourage you to schedule a consultation today at our office in Bingham Farms,  MI.