Chemical Peels by Dr. Sabbagh

Chemical peels are performed using a chemical solution to peel away the skin’s top layers. This procedure works best on fair skin with superficial wrinkles. Results vary and depend on the exact concentration of the selected solution’s formula. Chemical peels, depending on the doctor’s discretion, the type of peel, and your goals. A peel may be performed multiple times to obtain a desired result.

What to Expect

  • Anesthesia – Usually, IV sedation for a full face peel. Smaller areas do not require anesthesia.
  • Length of Surgery – 1 hour for full face
  • In / Outpatient – Generally out-patient in our accredited on-site surgery center or in a hospital setting. Smaller areas are performed in the office treatment room.
  • Recovery – Back to work: 1 to 2 weeks for a full facial peel. The top layers of skin rejuvenates within 5 to 10 days. Cover up makeup used afterwards.
  • Duration of Results – Variable and depends on skin type and strength of peel.

Chemical peels are performed to decrease:

  • fine lines
  • improve uneven skin pigmentation of the face
  • improve skin texture that had been affected by a variety of factors, but mostly from sun damage.

We offer a variety of peels varying from very light peels performed by our esthetician to deeper peels performed by our surgeon Doctor Sabbagh.

TCA Peel – Medium to Deeper Peels performed by William Sabbagh, MD

A TCA peel (trichloroacetic acid) is used as medium to deep peeling agent with concentrations ranging from 20% to 50%. The peel can be performed on the entire face or on partial areas such as lower lids and around the mouth. Smaller areas may be performed in our treatment room. TCA peel of the entire face is performed in our office surgical suite under IV sedation. It may take up to 2 weeks for the redness to diminish. TCA may be use on many skin types. Click here to learn more about the “Perfect” Peel performed by our esthetician.

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