Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction: Which One Is Right For You in Northville, MI?

When considering plastic surgery of any kind, it is imperative to research your doctor’s experience. Plastic surgery, including a tummy tuck or liposuction in Northville, can be an involved procedure and selection of the appropriate procedure or a combination is important, so understanding all the elements involved is key.

An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a surgery where excess skin and fat is removed from the lower and middle abdomen and the abdominal muscles are pulled and tightened. The majority of people who have a tummy tuck have skin and fat that would not be improved with diet and exercise. Women who have lost their muscular tone in the abdomen due to pregnancy can greatly benefit from a tummy tuck to not only remove the excess skin and fat left after pregnancy, but also to improve their core strength that has been lost. Because the procedure is involved, patients must be in good overall health and be willing to tolerate some discomfort in the postoperative healing period. The benefits of a tummy tuck, the third most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, are a smoother, flatter and firmer abdomen.

Liposuction in Northville or Lipo, is a procedure where pockets of fat are removed from areas of the patient’s body. This is a less invasive procedure where a narrow tube is inserted into a small incision in the body. The tubing is used to vacuum the excess fat cells out. Liposuction can not be used to suction all the fat from the body, but can be used for specific areas. Some areas which respond well to lipo are the abdomen, “love handles”, the thighs, or the upper arm. Most people can handle liposuction but patients should be in decent overall health. Patients must also have these generalized areas of fat deposits that are not improved with diet and exercise.

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