Straith Clinic Medi-Spa: The “Perfect Peel”

Having smooth, clear, radiant, ageless skin is something many of us dream about, but it isn’t easy to find the ideal skincare solution. There are countless options out there, both inexpensive and costly that don’t always deliver results. So where do you turn?

Here at Straith Clinic, we want every client to love the skin they’re in, and we take great pride in helping each individual reach their personal aesthetic goals. Our skincare experts are excited about a revolutionary chemical peel that produces an amazing transformation.

What Is The “Perfect Peel”?

All it takes is just one treatment to see incredible changes to your complexion with a Perfect Peel. Best of all, the unique formula is suitable for all skin types, and there is no pre-peel skin prep to undergo but we recommend that all retinol products are stopped at least 3 days before the peel.

What makes Perfect Peel so special is one anti-aging ingredient that other chemical peels have never used in their formulas. It’s called glutathione, and it’s an antioxidant that is able to penetrate deep into your skin’s cellular level. Glutathione has been proven to provide numerous benefits when used in a chemical peel.

Some of these benefits include imparting a healthy glow, purifying the pores, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, getting rid of acne and preventing acne marks, improving hyperpigmentation, and photodamage (sun damage), and lifting melasma.

How Is The Peel Applied?

Our specialists here at Straith Clinic are skilled in the latest advancements in skin care products and technology.

The Perfect Peel is simple for our experts to apply as you sit back and relax. It is nearly painless with minimal discomfort, and there is minimal downtime with amazing results. Your skin will be cleansed with acetone first to remove dead skin cells, traces of makeup, grime, etc. Next, our skincare specialist will apply the peel to your face with gauze, carefully painting the skin with the Perfect Peel formula. Another layer may be applied depending on your individual needs. The total time of the procedure is about 15 minutes.

What Care is Required at Home?

After Perfect Peel, you will go home with moisturizer and SPF to apply. You’ll be able to resume your normal activity and be instructed not to tug at or peel your skin. You’ll undergo a natural peeling process of the top layers of your skin’s epidermis by around day 3. By day 6 or 7, the peeling should be completed, then, say hello to a gorgeous glow and smooth, soft, touchable skin.

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