Brow Lift in Troy, MI

If you look into the mirror every morning and despair over the sagging skin of your upper eyelids you may be surprised that it may be caused by the ageing process of the forehead and eyebrows.  Over the years as we age the forehead drops creating excess skin and wrinkles of the forehead and upper eyelids. A brow lift in Troy, MI might be the answer to correct this aging appearance. This procedure is called a brow lift and can mitigate the wrinkles, furrows and creases across your brow and remove the heaviness of your upper eyelids. These wrinkles were caused by years of laughing, crying, frowning and smiling as well as pollutants, sun damage and smoking. Moreover, you don’t even have to be up in years to experience this. Younger people can also suffer from sagging forehead and eyelid skin from genetics, having a low brow or other circumstances.

A brow lift in Troy, MI can be done several ways. The plastic surgeon can perform the endobrow lift, the temporal lift or the open brow lift. The best procedure for each patient is determined during the consultation. In all the procedures, the cosmetic doctor redistributes underlying tissue and trims away skin and muscle that cause the wrinkles or frown lines. Sometimes, a brow lift is also done in tandem with a face lift, neck lift or lower eyelid lift. This makes sense, because why rejuvenate only your brow and leave the rest of your face with its aged appearance?

The two main techniques for lifting the brow are the endoscopic forehead lift and the coronal forehead lift. The coronal involves an incision across the head in the scalp, elevates the brows and removes excess tissue in the scalp. The newer, more often performed endoscopic lift uses small incisions in the scalp, loosens the forehead, alters the muscles responsible for frowning and then slides the brow up into a more youthful position. This is far less invasive and very long lasting. The benefit of the endoscopic lift is that your recovery time is shorter and there’s less scarring.

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