Cosmetic Surgery: Conceal or Confess?

Cosmetic patients in the West Bloomfield and Detroit, MI area, come to Straith Clinic for an augmentation, a nose job, or a tummy tuck. Their results range between the discretely natural and the amazingly noticeable. Your procedure may have garnered a few comments. You may have told a spouse, a sister, or a close friend the reason your figure has changed. But, how do you tell others about your plastic surgery when they notice? Do you tell them anything at all?

Your coworker may notice your slimmer look and ask, “Wow, have you been working out?”

Maintaining boundaries and professionalism in the workplace can be important for Detroit patients. When posed with a personal question, it is recommended that patients have an answer prepared ahead of time. Before you go into work, decide your stance. If you tell them, you might get praise, criticism, or just a simple nod of the head. If you conceal your procedure, you may set needed boundaries or feel deceptive. Either way, cosmetic surgery patients can take the lead in the conversation by having an answer ready.

Well,” you say, “I……”

“I’ve made some changes,” might be one way to discretely reveal information about a patient’s procedure. From there, patients can divulge the exact details of their procedure. You may tell them how it makes you feel, how you are enjoying your new look, or how Dr. Sabbagh performed the procedure. Patients could also use that line to end the conversation, and lead their conversation partner into the next discussion topic.

Deciding to tell or not to tell is ultimately up to individual patients. Your decision to confess the reason for your new look may depend on your audience or personal preferences. Whatever you decide, it is important to remember: after you walk out of the office and back onto the Detroit sidewalks, you are still the patient and the priority.

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