How Does Rhinoplasty Affect My Facial Features?

If you are thinking of rhinoplasty, it is essential to learn the facial features that will be affected before undergoing the procedure. You might fear to undergo rhinoplasty and think that you will not look like yourself after the procedure. However, disliking your nose profile shouldn’t be taken lightly either. Here is everything you need to know.

What Does Rhinoplasty Change?

Rhinoplasty addresses both the cosmetic and functional features of your nose. Most patients, however, undergo this procedure entirely for aesthetic purposes. Most potential candidates of rhinoplasty fear the procedure because some patients can look very different afterward.

The truth is that rhinoplasty improves the internal or external nasal structure unless the patient wants to enhance other facial features through facelift or chin augmentation. Rhinoplasty might change the shape, size, appearance, projection or a combination of these elements depending on the needs of the patient. The lips, chin, cheeks and other facial features remain intact unless you undergo other procedures. But this could change how the nose is seen in relation to your other facial features.

Why Your Nose Seems To Change Everything

Why does changing the nose lead to a dramatic change on the overall appearance? The nose is the central feature in the face. It is the structure that extends to the cheeks, jaws, and forehead to add character to the entire face. This means that the structure, shape, and profile of the face determines how the other facial features fit together.

The size, shape, or look of your nose can make or break the facial harmony due to the critical position it occupies. If the nose is too big, crooked, flat or straight, it impacts the entire face. When you enhance the nose, the other facial features get noticed because rhinoplasty restores facial harmony and balance.

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

There are two types of incision patterns of rhinoplasty procedure: open and closed. Dr. Sabbagh will go over these with you. If you choose the closed procedure, the incision will be inside the nostrils and will leave no external scarring. This option gives limited access to the features of the nose. With an open rhinoplasty, the incision falls on the underside between the nostrils. This approach is common, and it gives access to the nasal tip and a large area of the nose. The approach might vary significantly depending on the changes you want to achieve. If you wish to alter your nose, ensure your plastic surgeon addresses all your concerns before the procedure.

Planning For The Rhinoplasty Surgery

A Rhinoplasty procedure will help you change the size, shape, or look of your nose so you can be positive about your appearance. You can book a consultation with Dr. Sabbagh today to discuss your needs and learn more about the procedure itself. Dr. Sabbagh has a wealth of knowledge and experience in rhinoplasty and is willing to provide the information you need before you undergo this procedure. He listens to each of his patients to ensure the procedure achieves the desired outcomes. If you don’t feel confident about the look of your nose, book a consultation appointment and discuss your concerns.


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