How Does a Facelift Work?

A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps patients to achieve a younger facial appearance. The procedure can reduce the folds and sagging skin at the jawline and volume loss in the cheeks. During a facelift, excess skin will be removed and the underlying tissue is tightened for improved facial definition. To address the neck area, the neck lift can also be done as part of the facelift for optimal improvement. The facelift cannot decrease the wrinkles or fine creases and it cannot repair the skin that was destroyed by sun exposure. However, other facial treatment like Botox or laser skin resurfacing can be performed along with the facelift.

Why should you opt for a facelift?

As a person grows older, the shape and appearance of the face can begin to change. The skin will become loose and lose its youthful elasticity, while volume can decrease in areas like the cheeks and under eyes. Some of the most common concerns when it comes to facial aging include:

  • Sagging appearance at the cheeks
  • Extra skin at the lower jawline
  • Deepening of the folds in the skin around the nose and mouth
  • Sagging skin and extra fat in the neck

What to expect during the facelift

The facelift involves elevation of the skin and tightening of the muscles and underlying tissue. Fat found on the face can be redistributed, removed or sculpted. Facial skin gets re-draped on the new contours while the excess skin will get removed. The incisions are placed in well concealed areas like behind the ears and within the hairline, leading to virtually unnoticeable scarring. The exact incisions that will be used during the procedure will depend on the technique that the patient and surgeon have decided on. The traditional facelift incision will start at the temples, into the hairline, and it will continue down to reach the ears and it will bend behind the ears at the lower scalp. A limited incision is shorter and it starts at the hairline, over the ears, and wraps around the front of the ear. It will not extend into the lower scalp.

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