Questions About Breast Feeding and Breast Augmentation

Some of the most common breast augmentation questions are about breast feeding, both before and after surgery. To answer these questions, you should have an in-depth discussion with your plastic surgeon.

For now, here are some general answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can I breast feed with implants?

The presence of a saline or silicone breast implant does not typically disrupt breast feeding, and there’s no evidence that it creates a risk for a newborn.

Can I undergo breast augmentation after breast feeding?

Yes, but your surgeon will advise you to wait 3 to 6 months. This is necessary to get a good estimate of your starting breast size. Lactation should also be over by this time.

Can breast feeding affect my results?

Breast feeding won’t have a major effect on breast augmentation results. However, breast droop can occur after pregnancy, for patients who have breast implants as well as those who don’t. This is because your breast skin will often stretch during pregnancy as the breasts naturally get larger.

After childbirth, when your breasts shrink in size again, your skin tone might not recover, resulting in breast droop or deflation. Although breast droop can usually be corrected with a breast lift, you may want to plan your surgery accordingly to avoid these changes.

Which incision is the best if I plan on breast feeding?

If you want to minimize your risk for disruption of breast feeding, ask your surgeon about breast augmentation incisions below the breast, near the underarm or through the navel.

The Author of this post is Plastic Surgeon in Baltimore,  Dr. Brent Birely

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