New Study Evaluates Functional Improvements of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction has been a popular plastic surgery procedure for years due its cosmetic and functional capabilities. Until recently, the actual scope of functional capabilities had never been scientifically evaluated.

Researchers Kimberly A. Singh, M.D. and Albert Losken, M.D., sought to perform a systematic review of the functional outcomes of breast reduction, in regards to physical and psychological improvements for female patients from 1977 to 2010.

Researchers sifted through more than 30 years’ worth of research that quantitatively addressed the physical and psychological benefits of breast reduction using validated questionnaires. The results showed a broad spectrum of both physical and psychological benefits, coupled with an overall higher quality of life for women after breast reduction surgery. In particular, women saw a reduction in headaches, chronic pain, sleep disorders and breathing difficulties following breast reduction. While psychological improvements included higher self-esteem, sexual function, and a reduction in anxiety and depression. Breast reduction patients also appeared to be more physically active, and less prone to eating disorders following surgery.

Breast reduction works by utilizing tools such as liposuction or excision (removal by scalpel) to remove excess fat, skin and tissue from the breast region, allowing the breasts to be reshaped and repositioned into a more cosmetically appropriate appearance. While more research may be needed to show the long term functional improvements associated with breast reduction, it’s clear that the capabilities of breast reduction surgery go far beyond just cosmetic improvement.

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Source: PRS Journal

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