Breast Reduction Patients Still Happy With Results Long After Surgery

Breast reduction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures among women because of its physical and psychological benefits, but are women happy with the cosmetic results? According to a new research study published in the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the answer appears to be a resounding yes.

breast reductionThe study, which surveyed 125 breast reduction surgery recipients, gathered information six months after surgery and again one year after surgery.  At the six month marker, a whopping 90 percent of patients rated the cosmetic outcome of their surgery as either “good” or “very good.” A full year after surgery, an enduring 80 percent of patients were still very happy (rating “good” or “very good”) with the cosmetic results of their procedure.

Patient and surgeons opinions diverge

The same study also surveyed the opinions of the cosmetic surgeons and surprising or not, the surgeons were slightly more critical of the final outcome than their patients. At the one year mark about 75 percent of public surgeons rated the final results as either “good” or “very good.” Private surgeons on the other hand were even more critical, with only 60 percent rating the results positively.

According the study, the difference in opinion was related to the evaluation of specific breast features. In general, patients were the most concerned about symmetry between the breasts, while surgeons were overall more concerned about undesirable scarring.

Overall women happy with the breast reduction results

All in all, the take home message of this study appears to be that most women are satisfied with the results of breast reduction surgery, though ratings may decline somewhat over time. However, additional research is probably necessary to help surgeons communicate more effectively the long-term post-surgical expectations of breast reduction surgery.

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