Which Procedure Best Complements a Rhinoplasty in Northville, MI?

Having two plastic surgery procedures done at the same time is a great idea for manypatients. To begin with, patients are able to reduce their down time after an operation by resting from both procedures simultaneously. In addition, the combination of at least two plastic surgery procedures can create a more aesthetically pleasing effect overall, and this has now been confirmed by an Italian study.

Results That Last

Researchers at the University of Verona wanted to find out what benefits, if any, would result from combining rhinoplasty with chin augmentation in Detroit. Three years after watching a group of 90 patients have both surgeries between 2002 and 2004, the researchers looked at the patients to see the outcome. Researchers found that those who opted for chin reductions saw no changes in their surgical results. However, 52 percent of those who underwent chin extensions had chin sizes that remained stable within a millimeter.

Combining These Surgeries

Now, patients and doctors are questioning the benefits of combining these operations. According to the Italian researchers, the shape of the chin, neck and nose in proportion to each other is what makes a person’s face pleasing to look at or not. If only one of these features is changed by plastic surgery, results may not be satisfying because the other features remain the same.

Popularity of Rhinoplasty in Detroit

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says that rhinoplasty is one of the five most popular surgical procedures of 2012, with 143,801 rhinoplasty operations performed by plastic surgeons over the course of the year. However, chin augmentation wasn’t in the top five despite the ease with which it can be performed in combination with rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery procedures.

According to some plastic surgeons, the best option for patients seeking jaw and chin augmentation is the use of volume-enhancing soft tissue fillers. It’s true that this type of outpatient operation can be tempting for patients worried about surgery. For individuals who want results that last, however, chin augmentation surgery remains the top choice.

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