Plastic surgery procedures can be performed on the face, body, or breasts to enhance physical appearance as well as improve confidence and sometimes even function. The decision to undergo plastic surgery is a personal one and will come with many more important choices, including who will perform the plastic surgery procedure.

Those in the West Bloomfield area can see board-certified surgeon Dr. Sabbagh for their plastic surgery concerns. At Straith Clinic, Dr. Sabbagh performs plastic surgery on the face, body, and breasts. No matter what the procedure is, Dr. Sabbagh strives to deliver natural-looking results so patients can feel confident in their appearance. The first step to any plastic surgery procedure in the West Bloomfield area is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sabbagh so he can give an evaluation and discuss the patient’s concerns.

Face Procedures

Plastic surgery can be performed in West Bloomfield to enhance the facial features and in some cases, correct function. Surgical face procedures are often focused on improving signs of aging by eliminating sagging and smoothing out lines and wrinkles. This is often achieved with a surgical procedure, but there are also many noninvasive options available. Other procedures can be done to soften or define a feature to create overall facial harmony. Face procedures in West Bloomfield include:

Breast Procedures

Breast Procedures are surgical procedures that enhance the appearance of the breasts. Women who are unhappy with naturally small breasts or women whose breasts have changed over time with age or pregnancy can benefit from a breast augmentation with implants. The breast augmentation is a popular procedure to restore volume and contour to the breasts. Many individuals, both male and female, are uncomfortable with overly large breasts. A breast reduction can remove breast tissue to create more comfortable, natural looking breasts. Breast procedures in West Bloomfield area include:

Body Procedures

Plastic surgery in West Bloomfield can be performed on the body, often targeting sagging, excess skin and tissue, and stubborn fat to create a slimmed contour. Procedures can be used on the abdominal area, flanks, thighs, upper arms, and back. Procedures can be performed alone or can be combined to offer full-body recontouring when many areas of the body are affected. Body procedures offered in the West Bloomfield area include:

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