What to Consider When Comparing Plastic Surgeon Costs

Surprising to most, the cost of cosmetic procedures can vary widely. Costs tend to be higher on the East and West Coasts, when procedures are performed in hospitals verses accredited surgical outpatient facilities, and when performed under general anesthesia verses twilight anesthesia. So, what are the going rates? How can you safely save money? When is cutting cost jeopardizing your safety? We’ve got five key tips to help you when considering your next surgery:

  1. Get ballpark prices. You can find out the ballpark prices for procedures by using the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s website. Then visit several plastic surgeons to receive an itemized list of the costs for the procedure you’re contemplating.
  2. Prices vary regionally. Because the nature of plastic surgery is generally elective, cosmetic surgeries are not usually covered by insurance unless the surgery is medically necessary.  Usually you will need to be prepared to pay in advance for the surgery which is typical for most cosmetic surgery practices. When calling a practice or searching online for a particular procedure, remember, all costs may change after the actual consultation and depending on the plastic surgeon’s recommendations.
  3. Be wary of credit card offers to finance your surgery. Though these cards generally offer very desirable incentives, they can have unforeseen drawbacks like rates that quickly jump.  In the same regard, investigate marketing gimmicks that may have hidden costs.
  4. Avoid impulse buys. Deal sites like Groupon offer discounts on everything from Botox to laser hair removal, and even more substantial procedures like liposuction. It is tempting to “opt in” to a very desirable price before a consultation has even taken place.
  5. Don’t cut quality corners. Always look for a top board-certified surgeon that has the experience in the procedure your interested in. Certification standards vary and doing your homework is essential when choosing a safe and respectable surgeon for your procedure.
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