Neck Lift Surgery in Troy MI: What you need to know about platysmaplasty.

If a once taut chin is now sagging and referred to as “turkey wattle,” tightening the platysma, or neck muscle, will firm and smooth it to take years off the face. While the procedure, called a platysmaplasty, isn’t easy to pronounce, it does glide away, creases, and unintended neck wiggles.

A platysmaplasty, or neck lift in Troy, MI reduces the signs of aging by tightening the skin and muscles, and removing excess fat, to recreate a contoured jaw line. Scarves and turtleneck clothing may no longer be needed in your wardrobe. Although considered an outpatient surgery performed under local or general anesthesia, it is always important to consider your medical history before embarking on any surgery.

At the Straith Clinic in Troy, Michigan, platysmaplasty can be performed on its own, but it is always part of a facelift. When performed together, the skin from the upper cheekbone to the bottom of the neck is tightened symmetrically, further enhancing the tone and contour of the neck.

For those curious about how the procedure is accomplished, the surgeons at Straith Clinic in make an incision near the ear and back up towards the lower scalp in the hairline. The skin is lifted, reshaped, and the underlying contour of the neck muscles is corrected.

Recovery pain is controllable, and a dressing that wraps around the head and under the chin is applied before leaving the facility.  The recommendation is to take seven days of rest and recovery. Once the stitches are out in a week, the clearance to resume working is usually given. It may take several weeks to be able to bend over and lift heavy items or participate in strenuous activities.

When a neck lift in Troy, MI is performed in the hands of a skilled, board certified surgeon like Dr. Sabbagh, a platysmaplasty can soften your face and take years off your looks without stretching you to the limit.

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