Top Benefits of a Neck Lift

Some of the earliest signs of aging appear in the neck.  Skin laxity, muscle bands, and fatty excess as well as diminished fat can all be seen in an aging neck.  This appearance can cause a person to be self-conscious about their neck and seek the help of a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Sabbagh to improve their appearance.

A neck lift will correct skin laxity, fatty excess, and most importantly muscle bands.  If the muscle isn’t addressed, then the results will be limited.  Through carefully placed incisions (around the earlobe, behind the ear and under the chin), the muscle is restructured, excess fat removed, the skin is then advanced behind the ear and excess skin removed.   This will dramatically improve the neck appearance producing a more youthful jawline and a smooth neck.

This procedure can be combined with a cheek lift, fillers or fat grafting to the cheeks, nasolabial folds or marionette lines to improve the overall appearance of the face and neck.

During your free consultation with Dr. William Sabbagh, all the options will be discussed and a surgical plan that is best for you will be determined.


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