Benefits to an Arm Lift

With weight loss surgery becoming much more common, plastic surgeons have seen an increase in surgery to remove excess skin.  One such procedure is Brachioplsty or “arm lift” that removes excess skin of the arms.  Weight loss through surgery or diet and exercise can result in excess skin of the arm.  This can cause patients to be self-conscious, and reluctant to wear sleeveless clothes.

Using an incision on the inner arm, the excess skin can be removed, improving the contour of the arm, making it have a fitter, more toned appearance. The arms may also  feel lighter.  The results are essentially permanent, providing a stable weight is maintained.

Recovering is quick with most patients, returning  to normal activities by 1-2 weeks.  Exercising can generally begin at four weeks.  The main negative of this procedure is the incision which generally heals well and becomes less noticeable over time.

Not only will an upper arm lift help with self-esteem and an improved self-image, it can  also last for many years.  If you are interested in an upper arm lift, schedule a consultation today with Dr. William Sabbagh, at Straith Clinic.

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