Dr. Sabbagh Offers Rhinoplasty Procedures at Straith Clinic

At Straith Clinic in Bingham Farms, Mich., we offer rhinoplasty procedures to improve the appearance of the nose. A nose job can also repair damage to the interior or exterior structures of the nose after a patient has an accident or surgery to remove cancerous tissue. Our plastic surgeon has extensive education and training in rhinoplasty surgery. These procedures are most commonly performed on patients older than 15.

Correcting Abnormalities

The most common reason for requesting rhinoplasty is to create an aesthetically pleasing nose.  Patients may have a specific complaint about their nose however the most natural results are obtained by addressing the nose as a whole and changing each part to give the best result. During the consultation, Dr. Sabbagh will examine both the outside and inside of the nose then discuss what needs to be done to address each patients concerns.  The duration of the surgery and the expected recovery will also be discussed as well as any potential risks.

Request a Consultation

During the consultation, you can discuss your concerns about major problems that you see on your nose, but our surgeon can offer some suggestions. With experience, our surgeon has learned how to sculpt the nose of his patients to achieve facial harmony. Creating facial harmony varies for each patient, depending on the patient’s gender and the other facial features.

What Type of Anesthesia Is Used?

The average rhinoplasty procedure lasts from one to three hours, and it is performed as an outpatient procedure, but occasionally, the surgery is performed in a hospital setting.  The patient will be sedated by our Anesthetist who has been at the Straith Clinic for more than 30 years.  The sedation will allow the patient to comfortably sleep for the entire procedure but does not require intubation (general anesthesia).  The patient then wakes up and recovers until they are ready to go home.


Closed or Open Procedures

Our surgeon typically uses an open procedure.  There will be an almost imperceptible external incision at the bottom of the nose which connects with the internal incisions.  This allows the skin to be lifted off the underlying tip cartilage and boney dorsum.  With complete exposure, much more precise correction of the nasal structures can be achieved.  There is no significant difference in healing using the open approach.

Postoperative Splinting.

 After the procedure, a custom splint will be applied to the outside of the nose to protect it and minimize the swelling.  Soft silicone splints will be placed inside each nostril to prevent swelling and scar tissue formation.  Nasal packing is not required.  These internal and external splints will be removed at your first postoperative visit at one week.

How Long to Recover?

We will provide ice packs and information about how to care for your nose at home. You should leave the splint on your nose for one week, and when you are sleeping, you must raise your head with supportive pillows. Normal activity can be resumed after your one week visit.  Noticeable facial swelling and bruising will generally resolve after two weeks, makeup can be worn to cover any bruises.  Lite exercise can generally be started after three weeks and you must avoid sun exposure until all bruising has resolved.  The nose will be its final shape in one year. To learn more about rhinoplasty at Straith Clinic located near Detroit, contact us today at 248-270-5272.

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