The Difference Between Open And Closed Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, the technical term for a nose job, has long been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. There are two options available to you if you want this procedure: the open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. They offer two unique approaches to changing the shape of your nose. Each procedure has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure, it’s important to know what each technique entails.

What is an Open Rhinoplasty?

An open rhinoplasty uses a small incision in the area of the nose that separates the nostrils, known as the columella.  The rest of the incisions are inside the nose.  This approach allows complete visualization of the cartilage and bones that create the structure of the nose.  Total visualization makes it possible to accurately and precisely adjust those structures. Prior to the procedure, the patient is put under using general anesthesia or twilight anesthesia.  After the procedure, you will have a few small stitches in the columella that will be removed at your postoperative visit.  The rest of the stitches are dissolvable and internal is able to easily access the bone and cartilage in the nose.

The open technique is often used for rhinoplasty because it offers better access for reshaping and restructuring the nose to the patient’s desires. If a person needs a complete revision rhinoplasty, it is often the preferred choice as the original structure of the nose has already been addressed.

In most cases. Dr. Sabbagh and Dr. Baca prefer the open rhinoplasty technique. With this technique, there is a very minimal scar on the columella that is virtually unnoticeable and will fade over time.

What is a Closed Rhinoplasty?

A closed rhinoplasty uses only incisions that are inside the nose. For this reason, there are no scars that are visible on the outside of the nose. It’s performed under general or twilight anesthesia.  The same areas of cartilage and bone are addressed with the closed approach but without direct visualization of most of those components.

Which Rhinoplasty Procedure is Better?

Although there are distinct differences in the techniques used for rhinoplasty, either one can provide a great result.  The most important aspect in the decision-making process is having a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will be able to critically examine your unique nose characteristics, hear your goals for postoperative outcome, and together come up with a plan for the proper technique.

Rhinoplasty Solutions in Bingham Hills

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