Common Reasons For A Breast Reduction

A breast reduction procedure or reduction mammoplasty is beneficial to women who desire smaller and proportional breasts. The surgery aims at providing patients with the best outcomes possible. Common reasons women undergo breast reduction procedures include the following.

1. To Relieve Chronic Back and Neck Pains

Women with naturally large breasts often desire breast reduction surgery to alleviate pain in their neck and back due to their large breast size. If you have an uncomfortably large bust, you may experience neck and back pains that do not reduce, even after taking pain medication or going through physical therapy. The procedure helps relieve this pain and lower the risk for back disorders.

2. To Improve Posture

The extra weight on your chest makes it challenging to maintain good posture and consequently alters your spine’s curvature. If you are self-conscious about your bust size, you may find yourself unconsciously slouching over to conceal your bust. The slouching affects your posture.

3. To Resolve Pressure on Nerves and Indentation

The weight of your breast exerts pressure on the straps of your bra. This pressure may affect the nerves around your shoulders and may cause you to experience tingling and numbness in your arms, hands, or fingers. The bra straps can also cause painful and deep indentations on your shoulders.

4. To Improve Lifestyle and activity

Women with large breasts often experience difficulty with physical exercise. The movement of the breast during physical exercise is uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Also, it can be difficult to find a sports bra that actually fits.  The weight of your bust exerts extra stress on your back and body, which makes it difficult to exercise.

5. To Regain Confidence and Build Self-Esteem

Having large breasts can affect your emotional and psychological well-being. Some women feel embarrassed of their appearance and body image, which can lead to low self-esteem. These women are often uncomfortable with unwarranted attention and may feel that people recognize them for their breast size instead of personality, abilities, and accomplishments.

6. To Have a Proportional Body

The major reason why many women opt for breast reduction is for aesthetic appeal. They want smaller, lifted breasts that are more proportional to their body size. A breast reduction procedure will help enhance your overall appearance.

7. To Fit Bras and Clothing

While you may find it easy to find clothes that fit the rest of your body, it is often challenging to find clothes that fit your breast. Women with large breasts often have limited clothing options, and it is nearly impossible to find clothes that fit perfectly. They may even need to buy larger clothing sizes just to accommodate their breasts.

8. To Resolve Skin Rash and Irritation under the Breast

Large breasts can trap moisture under the breast fold that can lead to chafing and rashes. This rash is often uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Many women who experience this opt for breast reduction surgery.

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