Why Do People Choose to Get Plastic Surgery?

In our current society, people are beginning to appreciate body positivity. We’re slowly but surely embracing the fact that beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. However, despite the numerous campaigns and trends about body positivity for all people on popular media, cosmetic surgery cases are on the rise.

Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery of any kind does not mean you do not love yourself. Instead, people seek cosmetic enhancement to feel more confident about their bodies, especially those who seek gender-affirming procedures. At Straith Clinic, we make sure our patients are well-suited and have the right motivations for surgical procedures before ever offering our services to them.

In this sense, plastic surgery can often be a source of self-expressed empowerment. There are other factors besides the rise of body positivity that have caused a rise in demand for plastic surgery procedures, including the de-stigmatization of the idea of having “work done” in general. Here are some other reasons people are increasingly turning to plastic surgeons to help them achieve their goals.

More Screen Time Looking At Others And Ourselves

Compared to just a few short years ago, the popularity and ubiquity of social media and looking at ourselves in our phone cameras and on video conference calls has exploded, meaning we’re all seeing ourselves in more circumstances. This attention to our own face in comparison with others on social media has driven many to consider what they dislike or want to change about their face and/or body with plastic surgery.

The Process Can Be Affordable

At one time, only well-off people like celebrities could afford high-quality cosmetic procedures, but now the rates are open and affordable to many people with monthly payment plans. Plus, there are more plastic surgeons in practice all across the country, rather than the hotbeds of demand in big cities like New York and Los Angeles. With more doctors in Detroit, competition and availability has increased, making your procedure more affordable than ever.

Advancement in Technology

As technology evolves, so do the procedures, products, and instruments in the plastic surgery field. The techniques, products, and devices have become safer and more reliable as more and more research proves the effectiveness and safety of each new advance. Improvement in technology equals more innovation in the plastic surgery field, meaning specialists now have better tools and methods.

Improvement of Self-Confidence

One of the prime reasons people choose plastic surgery is that they want to improve parts of their bodies. For instance, nose surgery, breast reduction, and tummy tucks are all used to improve a person’s appearance with a deeply personal change that makes them feel that much better about the way they look. All these procedures have the sole purpose of making people feel more beautiful. Follow-up studies and reviews across the board show that people are generally overwhelmingly satisfied with their procedure when they choose a board-certified plastic surgeon like our surgeons at Straith Clinic.

Various Health Benefits

Some procedures are obviously for the sole purpose of confidence, while others have proven health benefits. For example, women that choose breast reduction are saved from constant back aches and other debilitating symptoms. In addition, people that have gone through weight loss surgery get the opportunity to shed extra skin that can cause discomfort.

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