Plastic surgery procedures allow patients in Farmington Hills to enhance their face, breasts, or body to improve their confidence and make daily life more enjoyable. Candidates should have realistic expectations for their procedure and be in good mental and physical health in order to have a successful procedure and recovery process.

In order to ensure the best care possible with the most satisfying results, patients should choose their plastic surgeon carefully, only considering plastic surgeons in the Farmington Hills area that have been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. At the Straith Clinic near Farmington Hills, Dr. Sabbagh performs a variety of procedures on the face, breasts, and body. Patients can schedule their consultation with Dr. William Sabbagh to discuss concerns, have an examination, and develop their treatment plan.

Face Procedures

There are many nonsurgical and surgical facial procedures on the market for those in the Farmington Hills area to choose from. Facial surgical procedures offer a more significant enhancement to the nose, brows, chin, eyes, and neck area. Procedures can create features that blend with the rest of the face, improving facial harmony. Other procedures can be used to restore a youthful, rejuvenated appearance by smoothing lines and wrinkles and correcting sagging. Facial procedures in Farmington Hills include:

Breast Procedures

Breast procedures are offered to those in the Farmington Hills area who wish to enhance the appearance or position of their breasts. The breast augmentation is a highly customizable procedure, allowing patients to choose their implant material, position, and size depending on their desired aesthetic. A breast lift is another popular procedure that can correct sagging and restore a more youthful position. Both men and women can benefit from a reduction procedure to remove breast tissue if overly large breasts or gynecomastia are a concern. Breast procedures offered in Farmington Hills include:

Body Procedures

Body procedures can be performed alone or combined for full body contouring. There are a variety of body procedures offered in Farmington Hills to address lax skin, excess tissue, and stubborn fat contributing to poor contour. These procedures are not an alternative to weight loss and should only be considered once patients have reached their ideal weight range. Patients can also benefit from a body procedure if they experience changes to their body with age or after childbirth. Body procedures in Farmington Hills include:

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